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Download Marvel strike force mod Apk unlimited everything: Game description

Marvel strike force is a game that combines much and well known to you from different genres. This is a turn-based strategic RPG that will allow you to gather heroes and villains from the popular Marvel universe, to then form a team and fight in asynchronous matches against other players. So, you won’t know how to advance in this game without investing real money? – then you should need to read the best selection of useful marvel strike force tips and tricks.

Marvel strike force mod Apk download unlimited money:

In Marvel strike force, you can manage your team in battles with numerous villains and save the world. In this exciting game for Android/iOS, you will fight shoulder to shoulder with such famous superheroes as Captain America, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and many others. So you should download updated legit marvel strike force mod Apk unlimited power-ups from given links:

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Marvel strike force Apk mod features:

  • Excellent graphics and effects
  • Include famous characters
  • Turn-based battles
  • Incredible improvements
  • Play with friends

Marvel strike force game basics:

marvel strike force mod apk

Marvel Strike Force mod Apk involved a turn-based combat system, in which the order of action is determined by the speed of the character. Each character on both sides can begin to act when the blue indicator below the health bar is filled. When it’s your character’s turn, a blue circle will appear below it, and icons of its possible actions will appear on the screen.

The first icon is the hero’s basic attack. The rest is his auxiliary abilities (healing, buffs and debuffs, attacks on multiple targets, and so on). The small boxes above each ability will indicate if it is ready for use.

A red cross appears on your current goal, you can change it with a tap.

The battles in this game last until one of the sides is completely destroyed. You should know that in the upper left corner, there are action acceleration buttons. If you are impatient, you can speed up the battle by two or three times.

Marvel strike force APK – Learn the modes:

You know, marvel strike force campaign mode energy ends very quickly. Each battle in this mode requires 6 units of energy, but it accumulates rather slowly. The premium currency will help restore it faster, but this can hardly be considered a way out. For premium energy, you can download marvel strike force mod Apk unlimited power cores from given links.

Download Marvel strike force MOD APK Android
Download Marvel strike force MOD APK iOS

List of Marvel strike force mods:

  • The campaign mode: is a mode with its own storyline, in which there are sections where only heroes, only villains, or both are active. In this mode, missions can be replayed, while continuing to receive good rewards.
  • Challenges are daily battles in which you are offered specific rewards, including gold, kits for restoring health, and training modules. Participation in Challenges is possible no more than three times a day, and their level of complexity increases gradually.
  • Arena mode: Here you have to take part in asynchronous matches against teams of other players, using your five characters to choose from – both heroes and villains. Putting the team to the battle, you choose one of the three proposed opponents. In the case of a win, you get a rating equal to the rating of the opponent, in case of loss – remain the same. When you are active in Arena mode, every 24 hours you will receive a reward. The number of matches in this mode is limited to five attempts per day.
  • Events mode: These quests will allow you to take part in a chain of battles, gradually becoming more complex. They allow you to unlock a hero or a villain as a reward or to pump him if you already have one.
  • Blitz mode: is another type of PvP battles in which you can play teams created by other players. This mode offers good rewards as you progress in it, but also requires a special currency – Blitz Charges. His plus is the ability to change heroes in such a way as to get into your team the one that you did not have before.
  • Alliance raids mode: A mode for those players who have already managed to join the alliance. These are joint quests in cooperative mode, offering rewards for gradual passing.

How to unlock new characters in Marvel strike force Apk?

marvel strike force mod apk tips

Marvel Strike Force, like many other games of this genre, offers a system of fragments that you have to collect to unlock new characters. How to get more fragments without investing real money in the game? Just download latest marvel strike force mod Apk unlimited money and follow below tips.

  • Play daily: Rewards are guaranteed for entering the game and performing daily tasks. You can find a list of daily tasks by tapping the bright button in the lower right corner of the main screen. Their repeated execution will allow you, including, to unlock characters completely free of charge (for example, you can get Wolverine by completing seven daily tasks).
  • Use the Auto-Win option in battles in campaign mode: Every third stage of the next section of this mode offers fragments of a character as a reward. Passing it on three stars will allow Auto Win to be used, opening up opportunities for multiple grinds of fragments.
  • Take part in the events: It allows you to unlock characters for participating in a series of battles. After every 10 battles, check the mode of events – you will probably have to wait for something significant as a reward, including fragments.
  • Fight in the Arena every day: You will not get fragments for this, but the store in Arena mode offers a fine assortment of them that changes daily. By participating in battles in the arena, you get special credits, for which in this store you will get the fragments you need.
  • Participate in blitz mode: Every sixth achievement in it guarantees you getting fragments. Plus, there is also an own store here, and the assortment of fragments in it, as well as in Arena mode, changes daily.

How to create a competitive team in marvel strike force game?

Do not be tempted to take the five favorite characters from the Marvel universe and immediately create a team of them. This is not the best way to advance to victory, since only the team in which the heroes truly complement each other will be effective in battles on Marvel Strike Force Mod Apk.

To understand the structure of the team, you need to understand the types of classes Marvel Strike Force:

  • Blaster: This class is well armed and causes very substantial damage to one or several targets. At the same time, it is also the most vulnerable class – in order to stay alive, it needs to regularly restore its health.
  • Brawler: Perhaps the most thoughtful and balanced class. Heroes of this type are not able to inflict damage, similar to the previous class, but they are more enduring. They fight only at close range and cause damage to a single target.
  • The controller: is a rather difficult class in which your hero is able to attack an opponent, slow down his attack, organize a debuff and so on. He is not as vulnerable as Blaster.
  • Protector: able to provoke the enemy team’s heroes to attack, using ridicule and some of their abilities. Deals damage with basic attacks, but sometimes has additional skills that are very dangerous for enemies.
  • Support: This class can be attributed to healers since its abilities are healing and removal of debuffs.

Naturally, the team should have several representatives of different classes. For example, a group of two browsers, one blaster, one protector, and a controller or support will prove itself to be a good one.

You should have noticed that each character in Marvel Strike Force has parameters outside of its own class. These parameters can be combined in a team in a certain way, and for the right combinations, you can get good bonuses.

The best characters to start the game:

Luke Cage is one of the first characters to get you absolutely free, he is easy to learn and quickly pumped. The character is hardy, has a large stock of health and damage.

Spider-Man – fast, agile heroes with lightning-quick cutting attacks. He is able to evade opponents and stun them. Does not require additional knowledge and is able to stand alone against strong enemies in the early stages of the game.

Jessica Jones is a worthy character capable of inflicting a huge amount of damage, as well as taking positive effects off enemies, and negative effects from allies. Not recommended for use without a provocateur.

The best heroes for the passage of the campaign mode:

A team of heroes:

Ideally, characters “Sh.I.T” will be perfect for destroying enemies from another dimension. These include Captain America, Shiver, the Black Widow, the Operative Shch.ITA and the Falcon Eye.

Union of Villains:

In this case, you need to try to find and pump up characters from the “Hand” faction. Due to the great synergy, you can easily beat all opponents. The most preferred characters include Electra, Nobu, Assassin “Hands”, the Witch “Hands” and the Assassin “Hands”.


To destroy Ultimatus you can use absolutely any characters, the main thing is to stick to certain classes of heroes. For example, a couple of powerful protectors, one support hero and two characters causing decent damage.

Space battle:

The least simple fraction to open is “Ravagers”. Here we choose the following heroes: Yonda, Rocket, Boomer, Ravager Weaver, and Drax. The composition will be powerful, which, in fact, is necessary to save the galaxy.

We hope our Marvel strike force mod Apk will help you to get unlimited everything.

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