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Super Mario Run Mod Apk

Super Mario run mod Apk cheats: Full version || Intro

The Super Mario Run is a vibrant adventure, which involved the most inventive and active optimist. A plumber, endowed with an extensive list of different talents, is simply doomed to success. And if you consider that the gamer will be helped by a gamer, you can be confident in the successful completion of all tests.

Fun platformer in which you have to perform different tasks, travel to different worlds, Look for the villain who kidnapped the princess, fight monsters for the sake of her release, will be a great vacation for every gamer.

Super Mario Run will help to practice solving interesting problems, dedicated to getting special blocks for building your own kingdom. The cheerful hard worker no longer wants to be content with the minimum: the seething nature pushing him to feats inspired the hero to realize his dream.

Download Super Mario Run Mod Apk

With the assistance of a gamer, he will safely overcome many dangerous obstacles, will not only be in customary conditions but also underwater, will overcome terrible monsters and release the princess.

In addition to the gambling struggle with various evil spirits, the game allows you to build your kingdom from blocks assembled at different Levels in Super Mario Run mod Apk.

Arcade game with the most charming hero, aimed at success, creates a good mood, inspiring hope for a happy ending. This positive made all the stories about the plumber optimist so popular, and besides, the dynamic process of fighting for victory allows you to experience the excitement.

Super Mario Run mod Apk is a great choice for adventure lovers who are tired of large-scale battle stories on Android. Its time to switch to something easier and more fun, but at the same time incredibly exciting and bright – this is what this game will be like.

Super Mario run mod Apk goals:

Your goal is to control the levels of the character you find with the Mario character to overcome obstacles and pass levels. Challenging missions, endless roads, dangerous creatures, break-even bosses and more are waiting for you. You can easily play on the road, in the toilet, on the bed, and in many more places, because it can be played with one hand. 6 different universes, castle building system, special abilities and more will be at your fingertips.

Super Mario run mod Apk hack:

Before the high-quality adaptation of the platform of the same name. The game will give you amazing graphics, a huge variety of levels, easy and convenient control, as well as the ability to play with your friends, just download Super Mario Run mod Apk on your Android OR iOS device.

Download Super Mario Run Mod Apk For Android

Download Super Mario Run Mod Apk For iPhone

Super Mario run mod Apk features:

The application was developed from scratch specifically for mobile devices. The game is a fancy combination of a platformer and a runner. Our brave plumber will independently run forward.

You will only need to help him overcome various obstacles. Thanks to an incredibly simple and clear control, all actions are performed literally in one touch. The developers diversified the game not only with the classic campaign but also with an additional mode with tricks that can be performed with your friends.

Super Mario run mod Apk registration:

As mentioned earlier, the graphics component of the game is implemented as “excellent”. Its design was very high quality and attractive. Various visual effects are also great. Also, it is impossible not to highlight the memorable animation – the tricks performed by a plumber really amaze the imagination.

Super Mario Run Mod Apk Unlimted coins

If we talk about music, it is also present. In the background are excellent compositions that make the gameplay even more interesting.

Below you can download Super Mario Run mod Apk for Android unlimited money.

Download Super Mario Run Apk For Android

Super Mario run moded Apk additional information:

  • Android version required: 4.2 or later
  • Age restrictions: 3+
  • Russian localization: present
  • Cache Setup: Not Required

After downloading super Mario run Apk mod, you need to read the best tips and cheat for better gameplay.

Super Mario run moded Apk tips and tricks:

While Super Mario Run is a fairly straight forward game on the surface, it can get deceptively difficult. So if you want to experience all the amazing things you can do with the game, read best Super Mario Run mod Apk Tips and tricks that can help you to master the game.

Go your way to glory:

Mario is all about those evil jumps. Collecting coins, pushing levels, defeating obstacles, it all depends on how well you can jump. And Super Mario Run introduced some really cool jumps that you can do.

Mini Go: It is automatic.

Normal transition: One click on the screen.

Super Mario Run Mod Apk Tips

High Jump: One tap on the screen and then hold it.

Spin Jump: To make your Mario spin in the air, tap the screen, hold it, and then tap again.

Super Mario Run Mod Apk Tips and Tricks

Flip Jump: Press when Mario is on the verge of falling from the edge of the platform.

Bounce Go: When Mario hits the wall, tap the screen to make it bounce back.

Super Mario run mod Apk Cheats

Hit several blocks at the same time:

If you time your jumps correctly and hit in the middle of two blocks, you can break them together and get extra power up in Super Mario Run mod Apk.

Capture the Flag with a spin jump:

The most amazing and effective way to capture this flag at the end of a level is to perform a spin jump. Just tap the screen, tap and hold, and then tap again!

Super Mario run mod Apk Cheat

Pause and chill:

It is sometimes difficult to plan and strategy while your Mario is constantly running ahead. That is why you should use the Pause Blocks. These are simple red blocks with a pause symbol on them. Go to the block to take a break and stop Mario from fleeing in Super Mario Run mod Apk. You can use a break to explore the area ahead of you to see where the coins and enemies are, etc.


Super Mario Run is one game that really requires a replay. Besides the fact that it is fun every time you play, you can discover new means of collecting more coins every time you play. Take new routes every time you play.

Recognize prize coins:

The pink coins at the start are super special and help you get a hell of a lot more points, making sure you can become the champion of the game. After you collect 5 pink coins, the Challenger coin will be replaced with a magenta one, then a black one.

Get superstar:

Hit the lonely block above Mark Block of the question to get a superstar. This star will give your Mario super-powers, which basically make him a magnet for coins. Thus, you can easily collect all the coins of the applicant.

Super Mario run mod Apk Super Jump

Try different characters:

Mario, of course, is the epitome of the Super Mario franchise. However, Super Mario Run mod Apk offers many different characters, as well as with their own sets of unique skills and jumps, and they can come very comfortably at certain levels.

Pop into the bubble and come back:

Did you miss the Challenger coins? Well, you can simply click on the bubble icon at the top of the screen, it will rewind the gameplay, so you can try your hand at Challenger coins again. Just remember that appearing in a bubble does not rewind time as well, so use it wisely.

Return without using Bubble:

When Mario is at the peak, slide your finger to the left to throw him back a little. This is useful in case you missed a few coins only a little back. So just download Super Mario Run mod Apk for free.

Follow the arrows:

Whenever you see arrows, be sure to follow them, how they could take you to the coins, or even the applicant of the coins.

Add friends:

These days all video games are intended to be available as a community. Thus, Nintendo made it possible for you to share your Player ID with friends or invite them, sharing your Player ID so that you can track progress, rating, etc. In the main screen, just click on the Friends tab, and then click on the add. You can share your ID by email or message.

Toad rally:

Moving on from the previous point, this game has more community experience. If you play Toad Rally you can compete with people all over the world. You are counted based on how stylish your game is, what the type of jumps you are doing, etc., and how smoothly you can play this game. The higher the score, the more toads come to cheer you on. In the end, your common toads and coins are calculated to give you a total score.

Defeat bowser:

Super Mario run mod Apk Defeat Browser

In order to defeat the boss Bowser you have to jump on his giant shell, and then land on Ax, which, in turn, destroy the bridge, he stands on. However, in order to achieve what you need to be included, otherwise, it is almost impossible to switch to its shell.

Defeat the boom boom:

Super Mario run mod Apk Defeat boom boom

In order to defeat the Boom Boom Boss, you must hit him in the face several times. However, to reach your head, you can use the wall rebound method to gain momentum and height and then hit him on the head. Repeat this process several times to defeat him and win the game.

How to get super Mario run Apk mod?

Just download the updated Apk version from our given links and install in your Android OR iOS platform easily. If you are a lover of this Apk game, then you should download updated super Mario run mod Apk from given links:

Download Super Mario Run Mod Apk Android

Download Super Mario Run Mod Apk iPhone

How to download super Mario run mod Apk?

Just download the latest super Mario run Apk from above links and install in your Android/iOS device easily.

How to unlock three secret levels in super Mario run?

Today I will share information about how to unlock three secret levels in Super Mario Run mod Apk.

Why exactly about the levels and decided to write? In Mario, there are a lot of pleasant things – the chopped Nintendo sound caresses the ear, the collected coins admire with colorful flashes, at every step of the show, the festive atmosphere.

But the levels in the game of Mario run remain the most important, it is because of them that we love this game so much.

Features of levels in Super Mario Run mod Apk:

In the mobile version of the levels delight diversity. Here everyone will find what he likes – a rotating tempo, “stoppers”, several floors, acrobatic elements, and even some insane bonuses.

It is so exciting that at first you simply do not pay attention to anything else.

However, there are special levels that you will need to unlock.

How to do it:

To unlock the levels in Super Mario Run game, you need to collect all the special coins first. Five collectible coins of the same color are on each level.

  1. Pink coins are available from the start of the game. It is easiest to find them and they will be the first to replenish your collection of collecting coins.
  2. After all the pink coins have been collected, purple coins will be available. In contrast to the previous ones, it is much more difficult to find them.
  3. As soon as all purple coins appear in the collection, black coins will be unlocked. That’s it to collect them most difficult.

Special features:

To unlock levels you will need to collect 120 coins.

With the passage of each level, you can find about five pieces, so you have to go through the levels several times until you collect the collection and collect the required number.

Note – collectible coins are available only from the first to the sixth worlds in the World Tour mode.

Passing special levels:

So, your collection has 120 coins of each level. Now go to the game store (menu My Kingdom).

Here you choose “decorations”, after which you install a pipe for pink coins, tap on it in the menu of MyKingdom in order to start a special studio.

Similarly, open the other two levels – purple and black.

Unlock special levels in Super Mario Run and enjoy the game.

Do not be upset that you have to go through several levels while you are collecting coins, because it’s so much fun – every step is full of joy and buns!

After all, this is our favorite Mario! And we waited for the mobile version of the game. We play and relax, good luck to all!

Super Mario run secrets and cheats:

Super Mario Run mod Apk is a runner game, which implies a constant movement of the main character. On the way, the player must collect coins, destroy Gumba, Turtles Kupa, and even fight against the main opponents. The game features 3 different game modes, we are ready to share the secrets and techniques of each of them.

World tour secrets:

This mode is very similar to the classic game of Mario, known to all since childhood. Players need to go through several levels towards the castle, and in the end to fight with the main opponent. To successfully complete this level, player skills and character speed are important. In this story, Mario can die a limited number of times before starting all over again, so do not waste his life.

  • Watch your surroundings carefully. Linger on the blocks with a pause and look around carefully.
  • Do not pay attention to the timer, it only distracts. In most cases, there is enough time to complete the level.
  • Collect all five pink coins. This will allow you to get tickets to the new Toad Rally level.
  • Do not worry, if you could not find all the coins, you can pass the same level again until you can get them all.
  • Pay attention to the arrows on the blocks with a pause, they indicate in which direction the character will move on. The arrow directly allows Mario to roll, and the up arrow on the diagonal means he jumps from it.

Kingdom builder secrets:

Build your own kingdom is quite simple if you manage to successfully complete the two previous game modes. Using the collected coins, unlock new buildings and place where you want.

  • Take advantage of the offers of special buildings that offer to earn extra Toad Rally tickets and coins for performing bonus games.
  • Complete the main game to unlock more facilities.
  • When buying the full version of the Super Mario Run game, players get 3,000 coins to buy new buildings and various upgrades.

Download Super Mario Run Mod Apk For Android

Download Super Mario Run Mod Apk For iPhone

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